About this Project

Isshinryu speaks is an Oral History Project about the personal and general history of Isshinryu practitioners in the United States. This project was developed in conjunction with the completion of a Masters in Public History at Wayne State University. 

Interviews are conducted with Isshinryu masters about their relationship with martial arts, specifically the Okinawan karate style of Isshinryu. Interviews cover their experiences as students, practitioners, and teachers. 

The purpose of this project is to preserve the stories and history of Isshinryu Masters and to provide that history to the Martial Arts community.

This project was developed by Rachel Manela. Rachel is a Librarian and historian with a background in archives. She is also a black belt in Isshinryu. She is passionate about historical preservation and wishes to preserve the legacy of Isshinryu and its impact in the United States.