This is not an exhaustive list of all karate or Isshinryu terminology. It is meant to be a helpful guide for individuals not familiar with karate or Isshinryu as they listen to and/or read the transcripts of the oral histories.

AOKA - American Okinawan Karate Association

Bo - 6 foot staff, weapon

Gi - Uniform

Gojoryu - Okinawan Karate Style. "Hard" parent style of Isshinryu.

IHOF - Isshinryu Hall of Fame

Isshinryu - One Heart Method

Karate  - Empty Hand 

Karate Ka - Karate student

Kata - A series of formulated movements meant to simulate a fight

Kiai - Spirit Yell

KIAI - Karate International Association of Isshinryu

Kumite - Fighting or sparring. Usually in an organized fashion for points.

Mizugami Patch - The Patch that Symbolizes the style of Isshinryu. Worn on Isshinryu uniforms over the heart. 

Nunchucks - Wooden sticks held together with rope or chain, weapon.

Obi - Belt

Sai  - Three pronged spear/knife, weapon

Shorinryu  - Okinawan Karate Style. "Soft" parent style of Isshinryu.

Ryu - Method

Tonfa - Wooden clubs with handles, weapon

WUIKA - World United Isshinryu Karate Association